"Bright colorful and relatively analog, with leanings toward The Ramones or '60s girl groups if Brian Eno had taken up the production. Good fun!" – Bob Boilen, NPR

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Sleepy Kitty -Don't You Start

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Based in St Louis, Missouri, polymaths Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult bring a sound with equal tinges of nostalgia and new. 

Taking cues from an eccentric rage of influences from Pavement to technicolor MGM musicals, and Iggy Pop to Jean Luc Godard, Sleepy Kitty are equal parts art-school weird and erratic garage-punk – like the White Stripes if they listened to a little more 1940s musicals. 

The duo's last release, Projection Room, is a gorgeous art-punk achievement, with flagrant nods to their favorite pop culture influences, art-school references, and flaming guitar solos. Built with a melodic foundation and bursting with stacked '60s harmonies, it's catchy as hell!