Elektrisk Gønner

 With their new single { MONEY }, Elektrisk Gønner explores a new path of the electro-pop music. Spreading some 80’s hip-hop / 8bit vibes mixed to dirty guitar loops, the sugar voice of Skyler melt into an infectious bass that sticks in your head forever. 


Elektrisk Gønner 

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Even before it’s initial inception, the spirit of Elektrisk Gønner has existed in Benjamin Løzninger’s multifaceted projects. He grew up in France with a French father playing guitar in obscure punk combos and a mother singing and playing ukelele in a punk choir. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Nick Drake, The Grateful Dead, Blondie and The Clash provided his nightly lullabies. This wide spectrum of influence shaped and made an impact on young Benjamin that would leave an imprint on all of his projects through to the current incarnation of Elektrisk Gønner

Elektrisk Gønner was born in 2010 when Løzninger discovered online a young unknown Danish singer named . Before ever meeting face-to-face, the two completed an album in 12 days and were united for the first time only three days before their first show at Les Eurockéennes, one of the biggest French music festivals. They proceeded to tour the world, had a music video go viral and were featured on Sci-Fi’s Lost Girl, HBO’s Girls and CSI. Soon after, signed to Sony and started singing for Diplo and Major Lazer, while Benjamin found his new partner, Skyler Cocco, in Brooklyn, where he works and now lives. They started recording together and the new Elektrisk Gønner adventures begun to take off. 

Skyler is a singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and model hailing from a quaint town just outside New York City. At 11 years old, Cocco learned how to operate an eight track recording system, began programming drums and taught herself bass, guitar and piano to accompany her songs. Cocco was first introduced to the music world as a pop artist, working with rappers and writing hooks, as well as producing beats for their collaborations. While studying studio composition at the Music Conservatory of Purchase College, she solidified her sound and transitioned towards grunge/ alternative rock with slight pop tendencies.